The Most Queschenable of All Empiriçisms.

Can I bring a wooden dough rolling stick onto the plane (carried-on-board)?

Can I bring a cheese plane in carry-on?

Can I drop off carry-on luggage at Heathrow and pick it up later before flight?

Is there a calendrical error in Asimov’s „The Last Trump‟?

Are there robots with female characteristics in Isaac Asimov’s stories?

Is a pregnant creature considered a single entity for spells such as Banishment?

How would Banishment on a gelatinous cube affect an engulfed creature?

Would Halfling Nimbleness allow a halfling to squeeze past a gelatinous cube without being engulfed?

What happens to swallowed creatures when Banishment is cast on the creature that swallowed them?

Is it harder to see a Gelatinous Cube with darkvision?

Imprisoning people in the Frictionless Bowl, – „under Law‟? during a „State of Exçepschen‟? in „the Standing Now‟ from several days ago-–-past or –-fũ̴ture?

Are there any differences between real and fake smash balls?

„She very wants to do it‟ instead of „She wants to do it very much‟, – a Matter post veritatis?

Finally, – Who that Our Mutual Freund who enjoys also Our Greasy Food?


Sent from „the Çell‟ // Victoria // Kopverandom of Minn. // Çent. Reg. Ũ̴.S.A. // from Staiçhenlager No. 83 // on thist Thirteeneth Datum of Deç. // of the Nineteeneth Year of the Twentwinn Çentury // in the Third Millennium of „the |Common  Era‟, viva en christo potentis auctor // 20₠19.

Public Availability of this Permanent Electronic Record Courtesy of the New World Rolling Publik Syndication ABI, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York, CCMEMORIS.

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