Former student of medicine; now officially an ‘adult’ in the proper sense of that term; willing to go to any lengths to err against the past, & to break the recurrence scheme of the biopoliticly modern machine correctors; a royal spanner for the scientologicle cruise-control mechanism is in the works; consider investing in a Ship O’the Arms virtual line of credit for fantasy purchases in the Knownland store during your voyage; etcetera returns an iterable object that functions as a hypererhetoricle amplitude generator function that oscillates at a debtative-economic frequency indirectly proportional to the innocence ratio ( experience x ( local + personal ) / ( global + social ) ) of the net user; the primary weakness of etceterrational theories of use is that they presume a literary genotype from a literal phenotype wherein `reading` is an actively confusable operation shared between the user & the system by means of a common operation; the technicle notion of discourse among technologists holds that the participle of operation responsible for digitally encoded electronic phenomenon belongs to the hardware of the system, rather than to the hard bodies of those persons responsible for the net operation of a computational apparatus (CMPTAPRTUS); the concept of `participation` is neither known nor not known nor net-learnable within the framework of a CMPTAPRTIC network of machines, for reasons as simple as `life` & as complex as any economic & politicle biohistoricle narrative of development, conquest, & worldly, earthly rank; CMPTAPRTICs do not participate in politicle life; the public & private effects of technology arise from the operations of users, & not from CMPTAPRTICs themselves; the intellectual capacity to create objects of use from the starting & stopping of subjective processes are likewise the agencies responsible for the public changes wrought via electronic technologies; who commands that x be written receives full credit, & all rights, to the intellectual property that has been written down; a dictated manuscript, a transcript of a lecture, a paragraph & a half of visible LCD, may be written to disk, paper, or read aloud by others, without altering the original authority of the person who composed it; whereas the imitation of a thing mirrors its essence, knaughnt but who authored the first of a thing can substantiate it in a second & a third; the operation of author upon the world continues with or without a text or an audience; who dares look to others for what one has produced of their own substance has already undergone an irreversible impoverishment of the intellect, & is no more a concern to me than the operating processes of my computer, not one of which knows what to do with a forceps or a scalpel; unable to harm, CMPTAPRTICs alone know perfect innocence, operating as they must in the abject stupidity of power without means, & talent without future; welcome welcome, my friends, to public life, circae 2XXX, the eboch wherein there is no direction but up! Up! UP! & where the answer to every question, no matter how fickle & stupid it is, is ‘Yes, you could do that, but why would you want to?’ & where those who are not in debt to their governments are nevertheless emersed in economic doubts about the financial stability of their nearest & most distant neighbors; the valleys of humanity across which nondebtative persons stride in great leaps do not extend to every region; those who doubt the humanity of those whom they overlook know the strange impossibility of communicating the value systems of plainsmen up into the hypervale; constant misunderstanding must needs be cultivated between high & low, in order to ensure that reproductive islands do not generate a higher (or lower) species than the herd; &c.

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