An Open Letter to My VP Pia on the Matter of Mohavian-Sqrlian Network Fungschen.


The PIA connector no longer starts up on the Mac OS Mojave this Machien was running. The Reinstallation of PIA did naught but introduce New Gliché. Recently, an SQL princess was started on this system, (“MySql”), but the Administrative overhead required to turn this princess out and down has been lacking, and rightfully must continue, albein eluctably.

All that is needed is that the PIAVPN service continues to operate along with the Sqrl Princess: Harmony, Freund.



Sent from „the Loft‟ via Friedrich’s Statemaçhien („the Edwardskopf‟) // PRC29763 // Victoria // Kopverandom of Minn. // Çent. Reg. Ũ̴.S.A. // from Staiçhenlager No. 83 // on thist Thirteenth Datum of Deç. // of the Nineteeneth Year of the Twentwinn Çentury // in the Third Millennium of „the |Common  Era‟, viva en christo potentis auctor // 20₠19.

Public Availability of this Permanent Electronic Record Courtesy of the New World Rolling Publik Syndication ABI, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York, CCMEMORIS.

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