• Thank you for pointing out what you found odd about my work : now I have no reason left to publish it.
  • Thank you for pointing out what you liked about my work : now you never have to take it seriously.
  • Thank you for representing the letters of my language : now I find no pleasure in writing with them.
  • Thank you for making all things free & accessible : now I have no clue how to use them.
  • Thank you using the dollar sign to represent digital commands : now I have neither power nor money nor fingers.
  • Thank you for encoding all of the world’s letters & characters using Roman letters : now it is almost impossible to imagine depreciating their value any more.
  • Thank you for monitoring the prescribed health of my 8-year-old son, & treating him as if he were a criminal : now I no longer have to teach him about “imprescriptable rights”, or persuade him to believe in the American constitution.
  • Thank you for excluding health from the American constitution : now most people have almost forgotten that ‘constitution’ is a physiologicle term.
  • Thank you for rewarding physicians for the decline of academic standards : P=M.D. – am I right, guys? am I right? 😉
  • Thank you for making the parents of homeschoolers pay taxes for services they do not use : now I know that my contributions to the State will be used solely for the support of compulsory public childhood education.
  • Thank you for dividing the library into subject headings : now those who have any sort of head on their shoulders do not consider writing a legitimate means of self-expression.
  • Thank you, really, for placing works by the same author under different subjects : now I have no responsibility whatsoever with respect to the effects of publication. That I feel responsible is a side effect of its absence from the mind & body of the American author.
  • Thank you for not bothering to justify your text : & thanks again for using contextual interpretations to conceal the injustice implied by all web phenomena.  To clarify the web as a net context ($sed ‘s/web/net/g’ $1 > $2), the arachnid-inspired design of W3 implies a blood-sucking behavior, exampled by, for instance, the electroconsumptive phenomenon known as ‘Bitcoin’.  Assuming that you can stomach a physiologicle lesson gleaned from an ‘old’ Lutheran hymnal, namely, that “There is power in the blood,” the physiostructural basis of net depression should be quite clear, but also profound.  For power, recall, is not actually limited by academic & intellectual deployments of literary metaphor & analogy.  Whether one admits the possibility of a net use of physiologicle power, by way of electronic apparatus, does not significantly alter the electricle continuity between physicly contacting bodies.  The fact supercedes the excuse in the effect which it documents : every living body requires power for life.


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