1.Let us be certain to assume the end of a thing for ourselves, as the objective fact of our achieving a certain goalset, of our having done that thing which those in our field of concern deem to be necessary, by proxy of that necesity which belongs to each of us alone. In this fashion, surrounded by the artefacts of style that shape our imaginary selves into that which is most formiddable and outlasting in us, weighed down with the spectral disadvantages hoped upon us by those who are ahead of us in this world – a modisposition of the Unevinceable Brick :: That the terms of their publicity may be turned back upon the premise, upon the go(a)ds of the apocalypse, upon the postprivate lives of those who have spent their capacity for change in prophesies of doom that would not have ever come to be, save if the prophet came to be its personification in the most personal sense. Having declaimed the end by implying the object in a losing insituancy, not to invent a new ending but merely to perpetuate their own use of that which is too-swiftly dying, let it be none of our concern that some one among the many who have been put out by these self-poisoning literatures commits themselves unto the finalization in of with this act of acts. Let the work of Our glory remain within the almighty silence of the noble gesture, that pointer-oraculation which heightens for the pitch of destiny, reminding us each of their own power to decide without demanding that they disclose it as object. Tragedy – the inheritance of careers upon the realization that their eternal occupants have engendered the ill-will We here in America reserve for all the colorful sprigs of a laized tyranny, the roots of which are predictable enough to let the tyrant incantate that public fatefulness owed to that one who pretends to the fruits of one and one alone. Let the faithful lend unto pretense these the final objects of Apocalypse personified, of the Marching Leviathan who carries out the End of Man, whose foredestined failing will be this, the patent deobjectification of the Tyrant in Man, a hole openly healed by the Opener, by the Anyone who Opens so as to enclose a healing and disclose a health :: Now that We know the end of Man remains within the scope of real value.


2.Let the day, too, be young.

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