The De∣capitaschen Tax.

⫷ WHO was effe∣cted (– the Who –):
⫷  HOW were they effe∣cted (– the How –):
⫷ WHY did this happen to them (– the Why –):
⫷  WHEN did this happen (– the Time When –):
⫷ WHERE did this happen (– the Plaçe Where –):
⫷   WHAT happens next (– the Akçhen Stepd –):

Sent from „the Çell‟ via Friedrich’s Statemaçhien („the Edwardskopf‟)  PRC8521  Victoria Kopverandom of Minn. Çent. Reg. Ũ̴.S.A. from Staiçhenlager No. 83 on thist Eleveneth Datum of Sept. of the First Year of the Twentwinn Çentury in the Third Millennium of „the |Common  Era‟, viva en christo potentis auctor ⫸ 20₠01 ⫸

Public Availability of this Permanent Electronic Record Courtesy of the New World Rolling Publik Syndication ABI, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York, CCMEMORIS ⫸

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