The Linktets of Empire.

The Little Book of Semafors¿¿¿¡¡

Downey, A. B. (2005). The little book of semaphores (2nd ed.). Needham, MA: Green Tea Press.

Sent from „the Çell‟ via Young’s Statemaçhien („the Cogleiter O’Brien‟) // PRC25337 // Victoria // Kopverandom of Minn. // Çent. Reg. Ũ̴.S.A. // from Staiçhenlager No. 83 // on thist Twentwinn Datum of Jaum. // of the Twelveth Year of the Twentwinn Çentury // in the Third Millennium of „the |Common  Era‟, viva en christo potentis auctor // 20₠16.

Public Availability of this Permanent Electronic Record Courtesy of the New World Rolling Publik Syndication ABI, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York, CCMEMORIS.

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